Idiots across the web have been accusing Tom Hanks of being a SeatHog without proof. Below, accuses Hanks of being a SeatHog, but unfortunately Gothamist seems to be more concerned with clickbait than getting it right. Hanks can be seen occupying more than one seat BUT the golden rule of seathogging is that if nobody is being unreasonably inconvenienced, there’s no violation. In the photos, multiple empty seats can be seen and nobody is shown standing or inconvenienced. SHAME ON YOU gothamist and other internet rags for jumping on the SeatHogging bandwagon while simply not giving a fuck about the underlying etiquette issues. We’ve rejected too many images to count where the violation would be real if the train was crowded but it’s not.

How dumb is Gothamist for trying to skewer Hanks with this clickbait? Rate the dumbness below.

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