The dirt of a thousand sidewalks corrodes seat and spreads germs.

Transit Seat Corroded By The Dirt Of A Thousand Sidewalks

Julia G Writes – “This is a violation.  Newark, NJ.  NJT”

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Elderly Woman Hosed By NY Bag Lady

LVA Writes – “Today on the B61 bus – this woman sprawled her grocery bags across a row of three seats, went up front to pay her fare and when she came back she moved over a couple over to make a seat for herself. Keep in mind she may have only had 5 bags, at most. Also keep in mind she was sitting in a handicap accessible row. When an older woman indicated she wanted to sit in aforementioned row, she took quite a while to rearrange her bags to allow room for the older woman. I got off the bus before I got to see where the poor dear was forced to move her bags. Such a shame. B*tch. ”

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Fifty People Stand While Luggage Queen Lounges With Her Imperial Bags

Janine Hammers Down Her Point by Snapping Shots of the Jam-Packed Subway Car

Janine S. Writes – “I’m not usually this annoyed at Subway riders however this one was a real annoyance.  Had she simply put her bag in the aisle, there would still be room for passengers to maneuver the aisle and space for one to sit.”

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