Rainy Day Prince Lets His Asshole Breathe In Handicapped Section

Rainy Day Prince Lets His Asshole Breathe In Handicapped Section

Rolf A. Writes – “Of course it’s raining outside when this selfish nerd decides that he simply must turn the Denver light rail seat meant for disabled passengers into his own private ottoman.”

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Sol Rosenberg's Mom Sits in a Turnstyle

Sol's mother's name is Gimpy. You know. It's not very nice but, what is she gonna do about it.

Michael D. Writes – “Does this count?”

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Fifty People Stand While Luggage Queen Lounges With Her Imperial Bags

Janine Hammers Down Her Point by Snapping Shots of the Jam-Packed Subway Car

Janine S. Writes – “I’m not usually this annoyed at Subway riders however this one was a real annoyance.  Had she simply put her bag in the aisle, there would still be room for passengers to maneuver the aisle and space for one to sit.”

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SeatHogging for Tots Program - Subway Seats Rezoned as Kids Playground

Jasmine P. Writes – “Cute kids, but where do you draw the line?  We have to sit in these seats after they’re done stepping on them.  Shame on the mom or babysitter, these ones are old enough to learn manners.”

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